Common Stingray (Dasyatis Pastinaca)

Latin name: Dasyatis pastinaca
Common name: Common stingray
In other languages: F: Pastenague commun, D: Gewihnlicher Stechrochen.
Order: Rajiformes
Family: Dasyatidae

Distribution: Mediterranean, Black Sea, Atlantic.

Habitat: As the scientific name implies it is quite common with a liking for calm waters. Though found down to 60 metres it has a preference for shallow sandy areas.

Reproduction: An ovoviviparous species.

Diet: Invertebrates and small fish.

Shape: Body merges with head, tail is very large (one and a half times the body length), there is a venomous spine (sometimes two) situated one third of the way down the tail. The spine itself is quite large and can inflict a very painful wound.

Size: Common: 40 - 150cm, maximum: 250cm.

Colour: Grey to brownish on top, whitish below.

Mythology & fable: According to Greek mythology Circe the Enchantress, daughter of the Sun, made a spear for her son, tipped with a Trygonus spine, this very same spear was later used to kill Ulysses. The Trygonus of Greek mythology was no other than the spine of our common stingray.