Flying Fish (Cypselurus Heterurus)

Latin name: Cypselurus heterurus
Common name: Flying fish
In other languages: E: Pez volador, F: Poisson volant, D: Fliegender Fisch
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Beloniformes
Family: Exocoetidae
Genus: Cypselurus

Distribution: Western Mediterranean coastline and into the Atlantic up to Portugal and down the west coast of Morocco.

Habitat: Open water species liveing close to the surface.

Behaviour: This shoaling fish is well adapted to its environment and it needs to be, it is on the menu of many! Leaping from the water after a short burst of speed, the flying fish takes to the air using its tail as it trails in the water or takes off for that final thrust before the glide. With the ability to cover 30 to 40 metres in just three or four seconds, the flying fish avoids its predators. They are, weather permitting, capable of longer flights both in distance and time and it is not uncommon for them to finish up on the decks of ships or inside small boats.

Diet: Plankton.

Size: Common: 25 - 30cm, maximum: 34cm.

Enemies: Hunted by tunny and dolphins, dolphin fish.

Did you know: There is little to tell this species apart from the blackwing flying fish, only the colour of their wings, and in the open sea this can be difficult.