Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax)

Latin name: Dicentrarchus labrax
Common name: Sea bass
In other languages: E: Lubina, F: Bar Europeen, D: Europäischer Wolfsbarsch
Class: Acanthopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Moronidae
Genus: Dicentrarchus

Habitat: Inshore waters from the surface down to 100 metres.

Behaviour: Seen in small shoals very close to the shoreline in their juvenile stages but in adulthood are more solitary. They enter rivers and in some cases to a great distance. Taking up territories that are well defined at certain times of the year, the bass ranges in search of young fish to prey on.

Diet: Fish, crustaceans and squid.

Size: Common: 20 - 55cm, maximum: 100cm.

Did you know? It is a very curious fish and totally unafraid of anything and anyone. Whilst diving, in what was obviously the bass' domain, we have been followed for whole dives by this handsome looking fish.