Common Skate (Raja Batis or Dipturus Batis)

Latin name: Raja batis or dipturus batis
Common name: Common skate
Other names: Blue skate
In other languages: E: Noriega, F: Pocheteau Gris, D: Glattrochen
Order: Rajiformes
Family: Rajidae

Distribution: Mediterranean, Atlantic, English Channel, North Sea.

Habitat: This demersal species lives in waters from 20 metres down to 300 metres, and over sand and rocks.

Diet: Fish, crabs, octopus.

Size: Common: 80 - 120cm, maximum: 250cm.

Shape: Single row of spines on the upper part of the tail.

Colour: Olive, brownish on top, black spots throughout body.

Did you know? Overall, great caution should be taken by divers and anglers alike during their respective encounters with these creatures, skates and rays can be full of surprises especially to the diver!