Thornback Ray (Raja Clavata)

Latin name: Raja clavata
Common name: Thornback ray
In other languages: E: Raya de clavos, F: Raie Bouclae, D: Nagelrochen
Class: Chondrichthyes
Order: Rajiformes
Family: Rajidae
Genus: Raja

Habitat: In depths from 20 metres down to 200 metres and on sandy seabed.

Behaviour: Nocturnal, they appear to be somewhat lethargic on seabed areas where in fact they are awaiting the night when they can once again hunt unseen.

Diet: Crustaceans and fish.

Size: Common: 30 - 80cm, maximum: 110cm.

Did you know? This ray is the one that produces the famed 'mermaids's purses' that are washed up on beaches during the winter and early spring.