Meagre (Sciaena Aquila)

Latin name: Sciaena aquila
Common name: Meagre
In other languages: E: Corvina, F: Maigre Commun, D: Adlerfisch
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Sciaenidae
Genus: Sciaena

Habitat: These coastal fish live from 15 metres down to 200 metres.

Behaviour: These drum fish hunt shoals of small fish. With the ability to stand brackish water they can be found in and around the estuaries of rivers living up to its name of Aquila (eagle), ranging over a large area in search of its prey.

Diet: Small fish.

Size: Common: 30 - 100cm, maximum: 200 cm.

Shape: The large swim bladder takes up the greatest part of the abdominal cavity.

Enemies: The use of aqualung and spear gun together has brought about the demise of many of these fish in easy accessible areas, though in most countries this is forbidden, the practise still continues.

Medicine: Noted in southern Spain for the otoliths found in their head (a kind of stone in the ears) that if worn, ward off headaches, or so we have been told. We have tested it and to be honest, it did not work.