Greater Weever (Trachinus Draco)

Latin name: Trachinus draco
Common name: Greater weever
In other languages: E: Escorpion, F: Grande Vive, D: Gewihnliches Petermännchen
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Trachinidae
Genus: Trachinus

Habitat: Benthic species living on soft substrates close to rocky shoreline habitats and beaches, from 5 metres down to 50 metres.

Diet: Crustaceans and small fish.

Size: Common: 10 - 30cm, maximum: 45cm.

Shape: There is a solitary venomous spine on each of this fish.

Colour: When this fish is seen by divers the brilliant blue markings that provide a backdrop to the more green/brown markings over the major part of its body will confuse most divers into believing they have seen a totally new species (blue colour is not present after death).

Did you know? Handling of wounds inflicted by the venonoumous spine is the same as that for echiichthys vipera. If a wound should bleed freely when one has been strung by this fish, all the better. The venom attacks the blood corpuscles causing extreme pain and the free bleeding of a wound will help in flushing out the venom. One should still see a doctor without delay.

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