Blue Damselfish (Chromis Chromis)

Latin name: Chromis chromis
Common name: Blue damselfish
In other languages: E: Castanuela, F: Petite Castagnole, D: Ma¶nchsfisch
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Pomacentridae
Genus: Chromis

Habitat: Preferring shallow water from 3-15 metres deep they like to gather around rocky outcrops and wreck sites. They can be found in waters down to 25 metres.

Reproduction: Sometimes seventy males or more will gather in one area making it their own. Their breeding season is between July and August. The males clean flat areas of topography making this the individuals' own area. Performing a type of dance they attract females to lay their eggs on the surface area cleared by the male. When the female has laid her eggs the male will defend the area against all comers.

Behaviour: Shoaling. They are unafraid of divers and can be fed by hand with small pieces of mincemeat if the diver takes the time to try.

Diet: Plankton.

Size: Common: 8 - 10cm, maximum: 16cm

Colour: Vivid dark blue to black that catches the light with their every movement.

Did you know? It is the fish that for us along with the marine goldfish (anthias anthias), that make a wreck site complete. Shoals of these fish dart to and fro feeding on planctonic animals that are unseen to the diver. They are the moving dance that bring a wreck to life.