Star Gazer (Uranoscopus Scaber)

Latin name: Uranoscopus scaber
Common name: Star gazer
In other languages: E: Miracielo, F: Uranoscope, D: Gewihnlicher Himmelsgucker
Class: Acanthopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Uranoscopidae
Genus: Uranoscopus

Habitat: A demersal fish of which there is only this singular species within the Mediterranean. Found on soft seabed areas from 10 metres down to 100 metres.

Behaviour: The stargazer all but buries itself in the seabed, only its upturned eyes and mouth show just above the seabed. It is very difficult for divers to notice this fish in this situation but once seen it is never forgotten.

Diet: Small fish and crustaceans.

Size: Common: 15 - 30cm, maximum: 35cm.

Did you know? This fish will take the bait off anglers as and when the opportunity arises. There are two venomous spines on each of the gill covers that can inflict a painful wound on the unwary. There are also two electric organs behind each eye, the shock from which can be quite powerful and painful out of the water. Underwater a diver foolish enough to touch one with his bare hand would not feel the electric shock so badly, the chance of being stung by the venomous spines is much greater.