Rock Sea Urchin (Paracentrotus Lividus)

Latin name: Paracentrotus lividus
Common name: Rock sea urchin
Class: Echinoidea
Order: Echinoida
Family: Echinidae
Genus: Paracentrotus

Distribution: Mediterranean coast, Atlantic coast.

Habitat: On soft chalk or limestone.

Reproduction: Transparent eggs.

Behaviour: It uses its teeth to burrow into the soft limestone, leaving cavities in the rock wall which it enlarges as it grows.

Diet: It is a herbivore, feeding on algae around its hole or over rocky surfaces.

Size: Can grow to 7cm in diameter.

Shape: Flattened round shell.

Colour: Found in a variety of colours.

Did you know? It is the most commonest of the urchins.