Sheepshead Bream (Puntazzo Puntazzo)

Latin name: Puntazzo puntazzo
Common name: Sheepshead bream
Other names: Sharpshead bream
In other languages: E: Sargo picudo, F: Sar a Museau Pointu, D: Spitzbrasse
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Sparidae
Genus: Puntazzo

Habitat: In sea grass meadows or around rocks (they feed on the algal growth of the respective local areas). Found in waters from 10 metres to 50 metres depth and not uncommon on wrecks.

Behaviour: This bream unlike most is not a schooling bream and prefers the singular life.

Diet: Omnivorous with a leaning more towards the herbivorous way of life.

Shape: The slight concave forehead of this species gives the head an odd pointed look about it.

Did you know? Its overall singular life-style and habits keeps this fish from becoming in any way commercial. It has a turn of speed from a standing start that many Porsche owners would envy.