Grey Triggerfish (Balistes Capriscus or Balistes Carolinensis)

Latin name: Balistes capriscus or balistes carolinensis
Common name: Grey triggerfish
In other languages: E: Pez Ballesta; F: Baliste-cabri, D: Drückerfisch
Family: Balistidae
Genus: Balistes

Distribution: Tropical and subtropical seas, throughout the Mediterranean shoreline and into the Atlantic.

Reproduction: The triggerfish spawns in the Mediterranean during the summer months. Prior to spawning, a nest is made on the sandy seabed usually close to rocks. Having completed a minor excavation in the sand, the egg mass is laid and for the next two to three days the nest is guarded against interlopers with a series of erratic swimming patterns and in some cases mock attacks on the would-be nest robber.

Behaviour: Can be seen feeding on harbour walls and rocks. They do not fear divers and on the contrary make a bold, yet peaceful, approach.

Habitat: From 10 metres down to 100 metres over rocky areas where seaweed can be found.

Diet: Crustaceans and molluscs.

Shape: Body compressed and rhomboidal with scales

Size: Common: 13 - 35cm, maximum: 45cm.

Did you know? They can swim in almost any position and they are able to bite through monofilament fishing lines taking both the bait and the hook. They can also cut through the standard angler's trace.