Dolphin Fish (Coryphaena Hippurus)

Latin name: Coryphaena hippurus
Common name: Dolphin fish
In other languages: dorade coryphène, lampuga, llampuga, lampuka, lampuki, rakingo, calitos, or maverikos.
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Coryphaenidae
Genus: Coryphaena

Habitat: A true open water fish living close to the surface, though can be found close inshore and within harbour areas.

Reproduction: Breeds all year in the tropics with focus on spring. Breeding migrations are undertaken.

Behaviour: Pelagic; also moving in pairs or shoals. This fish hunts flying fish as one of its prey items, chasing them until exhausted. Being a strong and very fast swimmer the flying fish stands little or no chance of escape.

Diet: Fish.

Shape: Long, massive body tapering towards tail; head with large jaw reaching up to small eye.

Size: Common: 50 - 100cm, maximum size: 210cm.

Colour: The iridescent stippling of gold and silver spots mixed with the overall colouring of blue green and silver makes this a very beautiful fish to see within its own environment.

Did you know? The dolphin fish is very curious and interested in floating objects such as ships. It is a very fast swimmer and can reach up to 50 knots an hour. On the eastern coastline of Gibraltar, as far as the first river to the north, we have seen this fish chase smaller fish out of the water onto the beach, take them and then return to the water in the same manner that killer whales take seals.