Dusky Perch (Epinephelus Guaza)

Latin name: Epinephelus guaza
Common name: Dusky perch
Also known as: Grouper
In other languages: E: Mero, F: Merou Noir, D: Brauner Zackenbarsch
Family: Serranidae

Distribution: Mediterranean, Atlantic.

Habitat: This species lives in coastal waters from 10 metres down to 300 metres, with a preference for rocky areas that have cracks and caves. They can be seen by divers out in the open on the ledge of zostera and posidonia meadows (likewise in caulerpa porifera meadows, though this is not their permanent habitat). Benthic rock strata with caves and cracks are the permanent habitats of the grouper family. Caves that are inhabited by these fish will on most counts have more than one entrance and exit point. Divers see them quite often, lingering close to their cave retreat, which they dart into when startled.

Behaviour: A hermaphrodite and solitary fish.

Diet: Cephalopods, fish, crustaceans.

Size: Common: 20 - 80cm, maximum: 100cm.

Colour: Olive or reddish brown with light spots.