Mediterranean Cardinalfish (Apogon Imberbis)

Latin name: Apogon imberbis
Common name: Mediterranean cardinalfish
In other languages: F: Roi des rougets, D: Meerbarbenkinig
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Apogonidae

Distribution: Mediterranean and Atlantic.

Habitat: In darkish places, among rocks, and in caves.

Reproduction: Breeds June to September (Mediterranean). The male protects the eggs (about 20,000) via carrying them in the mouth. The male is unable to take in any food until the eggs have hatched and are released into the water.

Behaviour: A shoaling fish which looks for shelter in caves during daylight hours.

Diet: Zooplankton.

Size: 10 cm - 15 cm.

Shape: Small compressed body with huge eyes.

Colour: Reddish with vertical dark line.

Did you know: It is the sole cardinalfish in European waters.