Mediterranean Horse Mackerel (Trachurus Mediterraneus)

Latin name: Trachurus mediterraneus
Common name: Mediterranean horse mackerel
In other languages: E: Jurel mediterraneo
Family: Carangidae

Habitat: A pelagic open water fish living close to the surface of the sea.

Behaviour: These fish are very powerful swimmers and voracious hunters with an appearance akin to that of a mackerel though not of that family.

Shape: The lateral line is armoured with keel shaped scales and its similarity to its fellow family member, trachurus trachurus, can cause much confusion not only in looks but also in migratory habits and overall life style.

Size: Common: 10 - 50cm, maximum: 60cm.

Did you know? The diver does not encounter this fish on what could be called a standard dive; this species can be seen occasionally sitting in mid water on offshore dive sites at night and very fleetingly.