PDP: Public Deserves Statement from Government Regarding Dolphinarium Plans

The PDP has accused the Gibraltar Government of ambiguity regarding its stance on the dolphinarium proposal, the Gibraltar Chronicle wrote today, adding that the PDP is asking both the GSD and the GSLP for a respective statement "which is the least the public deserve".

According to the newspaper, the PDP said that Enterprise Minister, Joe Holliday had stated already in February that the Government considers a formal proposal for a dolphinarium; in June however, the Chief Minister was "quoted saying that 'No negotiations have taken place, let alone been concluded' and 'The Government is not currently considering this proposal'".

The Chronicle wrote, that the PDP stated, they are suspicious that talks between Government officials and Europa Point Marine Village Limited (EPMVL) must have taken place, already "given that it would both need Government consent as landlord and planning consent from the Development and Planning Commission. Assuming such discussions have taken place the Government should state clearly what its position is."

The PDP said, that in the latest press release officials of EPMVL "gave the impression that they thought the project would go ahead".

According to the Chronicle the PDP is also suspicious of EPMVL's suggestion regarding job applications: "In the press release EPMVL suggest that persons wishing to consider employment for any part of these proposals send their CV's to a 'Gmail' account. Whilst it is for EPMVL to incur whatever costs it deems fit during the planning process, it is peculiar for a company to be signalling that it intends to recruit when it has not even got in principle consent from DPC or Government."

The PDP said it would also would know more about EPMVL's credentials: "To date EPMVL have not publicly and specifically disclosed who 'their team' are (other than the name of the owner of the registered company which is in the public domain) or who the developer(s) is/are either."

According to the Chronicle the PDP again has confirmed its rejection of the project, the party was quoted saying: "In any event this project makes no sense at all and Government should categorically tell the developers that it is not supportive of this project. It is unlikely to be commercially viable in the long-term, it will deprive local residents of a popular area, it is out of step with modern trends of animal welfare and makes no sense with the heritage of the area."
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