GFSA Wants Stricter Fishing Regulations for Non-Residents

he Gibraltar Federation of Sea Anglers (GFSA) has again asked Government to restrict access to the local coastline for non-resident fishermen to seriously regulate and control shore fishing, the Gibraltar Chronicle wrote today.

According to the Chronicle the GFSA welcomes the publication of the consultation paper on fishing, but is still looking into the matter in order to give elaborate feedback.

A GFSA spokesman was quoted in the Chronicle saying: "Press reports recently have focused on the action that has been taken by the Police to stop illegal fishing activities along Gibraltar's shoreline. GFSA welcomes this action, even though it has been calling for it for years, but is angry that it is its recent campaign, highlighting the abuse of the Gibraltar's shore line by non resident anglers, that has made the Police aware that there are rules and regulations in place that can be used to control and regulate angling, even though these do not go far enough."

"... The fact that of the 55 reported 52 are non resident anglers coming into Gibraltar from Spain to fish here totally vindicates and justifies GFSA's position. The problem is not local, although there are locals that have contravened the regulations ... Federation feels that it is fully justified in continuing to press the Government to restrict access to Gibraltar's coast line by non resident anglers. Numbers must be limited in any proposed legislation if there is to be a serious commitment to regulate and control shore fishing in Gibraltar."

"... Once again the Government is reminded that, if they do not act on this point, the Federation reserves the right to seek and explore other avenues that are open to it to ensure that this demand is met.