Green Sea Turtle Visits Queensway Quay Marina

Gibraltar’s Queensway Quay Marina today is hosting a very welcomed guest: The Green sea turtle (chelonia mydas) – protected under EU Law and the Gibraltar Protection Ordinance – can be observed feeding on Luminescent jellyfish.

Several locals and boat owners came to our office to tell us about the sighting of the turtle, being as amazed as we are. Of course the turtle is unlikely to become a permanent resident in the marina, yet we are very pleased that the environment of Queensway Quay attracts this endangered species.
The developer went the extra mile to make the marina an eco-friendly development with an infastructure designed to enhance biodiversity. With more and more species attracted to the marina, these efforts have been rewarded. As fishing and diving are prohibited there, the turtle - and other permanent residents and visitors - can linger unperturbed.