Triple Bee Luck

It seems it is recession time for bees as well. You do not see as many around as before – and bee pollination is responsible for 60% of mankind's food. Today though, we were extremely fortunate: The Environmental Agency called us out to remove a single swarm of African bees, but we found three!

When we first arrived at the location in Centre Pavilion Road, we found one big hive and brought it to a safe place on the Upper Rock. Returning later to collect the remaining disorientated bees - as it is practise - we found two more!

An old saying says, that bees bring luck, we were very lucky today indeed. With a foraging range of 3 miles (4.8 km) and 600 flowering plants in Gibraltar, these bees are invaluable for the natural balance in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. On top of this, the bees provide us with delicious golden honey, which we believe might be of help when one suffers from asthma or hay fever. The honey is not for sale, but we deliver it to locals for free since it has been cleared for consumption by the environmental test centre.