Treasure Islands

Stewart and his small film crew were only able to stay in Gibraltar for a couple of days so his time with us was very busy as we dashed from one location to the next, working from the early morning until sunset, and he was continually asking questions while scribbling down notes.

For us, it was a unique experience to work with a film crew and author who wanted their work to be an act of charity. Dr. Eric Shaw and Tessa Feeney of the Helping Hand Trust were co-authors of the Gibraltar chapter in Britain's Treasure Islands and feel honoured to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime project.

We hope Stewart McPherson's book and documentaries series continue to see the successes they deserve.

Visit the Website here if you want a copy the huge book only costs £29.99! Don't ask us how Stewart plans to make money with this.

See the BBC FOUR page here the documentaries are due to start on April 12th at 9.00 pm UK time.

Watch the free 40-part mini-documentaries on YouTube here

And you can also order the book and DVD from Amazon.

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