Gibraltar Wildlife Research - Ours & Yours

Much to See in the Field

Over the years many international students and scholars have benefited from the rich field research opportunities in and around Gibraltar. In return this research has also helped us to enhance our understanding of the environment we live in. Whether you have an amateur interest or you wish to conduct professional research, we can provide an ideal working environment and excellent facilities.

A Place to Study and Marvel

Our research field station, Bruce's Lower Farm, provides accommodation and laboratory facilities within Gibraltar's Nature Reserve. Quiet and comfortable, Bruce's Farm is the ideal base for research. 

Marine Research

The Helping Hand Trust's research vessel, Nimo, conducts regular monitoring trips into the Bay, and we are continuously extending our huge database of wildlife activity in the area. Students are encouraged to assist with our research projects and can learn valuable practical skills in basic seamanship as well as the more usual field research techniques.

We have been monitoring the behaviour of dolphins and sea birds in the bay for many years and this data has also been compiled into an extensive database. It includes dolphin numbers, groupings, the presence of nurseries and calves, breeding and hunting behaviour in the bay. Analysis of the data and graphs are available for scholars.

Terrestrial Research

As a contractor to the Government in managing the free-ranging Barbary macaques, the Helping Hand Trust has established collaborations with various universities. Our continuously growing data base is accessible for any primatologist who wishes to conduct further research on the tailless monkeys, their behaviour, physique and habitat.

We wish to thank everyone who has contributed with her or his research!